The noise of our day-to-day lives sometimes makes it difficult for us to see concretized values in action, in physical form. At face value, sport seems to reveal all there is through an athlete’s jump or in his unyielding tenacity and ambitions. However, we hold that there is yet a deeper layer of principles to be understood which are less obvious and often overlooked which loudly echo the virtues of life. Our experience of watching sport would fare better once we learn why these connections are pertinent to our lives: why it is that the complacent will rot in sports and why this is true in life; what the consequences of our daily habits and ideologies have in sport and equivalently, what consequences they have in life; what the concept of justice means in a game and what it means on the field of life. These are just some of the parallels we can derive from sports, hence our thesis that while sport should be appreciated for our personal pleasure, it is also a reflection of life. Our aim for the Dubai Fitness Challenge is to expose these parallels explicitly so that, like athletes, we too may become beneficiaries of their virtues.
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