Work isn’t just about having a job — nor should it be; it is a place where we share and exchange productive values, ideas, thoughts, and creativity. What really makes a business is us – individuals – which is why it is so crucial to learn the correct methods on how to think so that we can become better performers in our respective jobs, as well as better members of a team.

We have created a unique set of workshops tailored specifically for companies, which focus on the skills needed for the success and development of our businesses and the people who make it. Our curriculum teaches transferable skill sets that don’t stop at the workplace but also help us become better at overcoming hurdles in all endeavors in life.

Our workshops are delivered by experts who draw on philosophy, history, and literature to ensure that our sessions are thought-provoking, fun, and engaging. We also realize that different businesses have different needs, which is why we have the additional option of providing tailor-made workshops suited for the particular needs of your organization.

Here are some of the workshops we have to offer:

— On communication

— On self-esteem at work

— On confidence

— On leadership

— On resilience

— On purpose

— On creativity

— On how to deal with stress